SOLD! Luxury residential complex situated at area Saint Nikola - Varna city, with seaview. All the properties in the complex are SOLD!

Luxury residential complex  situated at area Saint Nikola, which is part of urban territory on Varna city. The project has a beautiful seaview with magnificent panorama to entire Varna bay and sea. The area is built-up only with small family houses with large green areas. The sea is just about one kilometer (0.6 miles) away from the residential complex and due to altitude there is a seaview even from the apartments on the 1st floor.
The center of Varna city (Municipal and Black sea hotel) is just a 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) away. The nearest public sea beach is around 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from the complex.

The residential complex is consisting from three section (A, B, C), 64 apartments and 3 shops.The complex has a large yard (4,000 square meters) which is adequate planted with trees, grass and shrubs and designed with park architecture – alleys, stages, arbour, benches, open-air kindergarten, barbeque and large swimming pool is kinder part. The access to the residential complex including yard and swimming pool will be restricted by all year guards from external visitors.  The fully right to access  have only the apartment’s owners, their families or rentals.
The finishing works are  best quality with luxury materials and technology.

Stage of project development:  

The building is with ACT 16!

All the properties in the complex are SOLD!

VARNA - Saint Nikola
VARNA - Saint Nikola
VARNA - Saint Nikola
VARNA - Saint Nikola
Една къща не е истински дом, освен ако не съдържа храна и огън не само за тялото, но и за умаБенджамин Франклин

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Sofia 1606, Bulgaria

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