About us

SOFIA PROJECT suggests optimal engineer, law and financial solutions in every sphere of business in Bulgaria.

Our efforts are directed toward the real estate and development business and toward investment in different projects. Our part in the projects is not just finding a good plot for development but also constructing a whole conception of the investment: project profitableness, necessary investment and budget, optimum design, ensuring all the necessary documents issued by the government or municipal authorities, quality execution of all constructions and finishing works, engineers and financial control during the investment, bring into use and realize the development to the final clients. All these together secure the success of the whole investment.

Our team

We know that success of any mission is deserved most on the personality's high quality of work, motivation and striving to perfect execution even the small details from the general aim. That is why the team of SOFIA PROJECT is consisting of engineers, layers and economists finish the leading Bulgarian Universities with proven professional skills on operatively, tactfully and management level in Bulgaria and abroad.

SOFIA PROJECT consultants consolidate their mission to offer clients a finely integrated and discreet service recognized for its breadth of knowledge and depth of skill.


SOFIA PROJECT organizes and accomplishes the whole building project /Complete engineering/. The project requirements are strictly met and the quality of the work is regularly controlled. Modern equipment, professional organization and management enables the fulfillment of the whole spectrum of building activities, connected with the project construction – initial cycle, load-bearing construction and walls, roofing, insulating and finishing works. Furnishing and occupancy services. Real estate service Warranty and post-warranty service.


Construction contracting – land purchase, architectural plans, construction financing and control. Construction of homes, offices, commercial buildings and others. Sales and property management – security, services and cleaning.


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Sofia 1606, Bulgaria

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